About So like... who are you? PRODUCER, WRITER, DIRECTOR
I HATE READING, SHOW ME YOUR WORK Hello! If the url didn’t give it away, I’m Nick! I’m a New Jersey musician turned Los Angeles writer, director, producer, and taco connoisseur. My obsessive curiosity has led me to many diverse corners of the media & entertainment landscape.

In addition to being the World's Greatest Dogsitter (voted on by me and a few of my friends' dogs), I also manage operations as co-owner of the award-winning production company, Blue Kite Cinema. We've serviced 50+ clients, creating commercials that have accumulated over $50M in product sales, social content that has amassed over 6 million views, and recently served as Executive Producer for the multi-season UPtv hit docuseries, Our Wedding Story. I'm currently producing a musically-empowered independent feature film, Singing in My Sleep.

Thanks to quarantine, additional hobbies include playing piano, becoming a plant dad, and sneaking up on my roommate with a Nerf gun. Highly suggest taking up the latter hobby.

I’m incredibly passionate about the work we create, about telling stories that color outside the lines, that challenge us, gut-punch us and connect us with each other.

If you wanna work on something, challenge me to a taco-eating contest, or just say hi, I’d love to connect!
Some of my favorite projects Transplant short film, 2019 WATCH FILM When their youngest son is in need of a heart transplant, Maggie forces Jacob to have the difficult conversation of whether or not they should pursue the risky surgery.

Filmed in a continuous 12-minute shot.
Our Wedding Story CREATOR, SHOWRUNNER Back to Overview In this award-winning docuseries on UPTV, viewers get to live each couple's love story with exceptional and passionate storytelling, from the very moment they met to their walk down the aisle.

Won telly awards for "Best Cinematography in a TV Series" and "Best Overall Documentary Series"
UPTV series, two seasons Watch Episode
View Program Back to Overview Nick developed this program alongside the team of the multinational corporation, Beachbody. He also assembled the team, directed, filmed, and edited over 30 videos on a studio stage in New York City as part of the program package. PRODUCER, DIRECTOR beachbody, content series (20 videos) 2B Mindset Watch Commercial Back to Overview Nick produced, filmed, edited, and composed music for this international commercial spot for Beachbody's dance workout program. The full 30-minute spot was the #1 Infomercial for 4 months, and is still running internationally. long-form tv commercial PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, EDITOR CIZE Back to Overview LG approached Nick to produce and direct the content for their Sing with LG campaign, featuring Charlie Puth. Nick's team filmed the entire ad on the new LG V30 phone. advertisement PRODUCER, DIRECTOR Sing with LG FEAT. CHARLIE PUTH Forgetful Bats short film, 2020 Coping with quarantine is hard enough. It's even more difficult when you're a vampire with short-term memory loss.

Filmed by an all-roommate cast and crew at their home during the COVID quarantine.
Back to Projects Produced, Directed & Edited this 4-song live performance by the recording artist, Soaky Siren, in collaboration with FIFA & EA Sports for the release of her hit "M.I.A" in the FIFA 21 Soundtrack. 4-song live music video PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, EDITOR Soaky Siren x FIFA 21 Dad Moments PRODUCER, WRITER, DIRECTOR, EDITOR short film, 2015 DAD MOMENTS is a short film inspired by a Reddit post about a woman who is sent on a scavenger hunt by her late father, which triggers flashbacks to specific memories of their relationship. Back to Projects producer, director writer, director, editor showrunner (2 seasons) producer, director producer, director writer, director, editor Some of my favorite projects WATCH TRAILER BACK TO OVERVIEW Nick was brought on by Shaun to create a six episode web-series based around his trip backpacking through Europe. Nick concepted the storylines and challenges for each of the episodes and filmed the entire six-week journey. web-series, facebook watch PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, EDITOR SHAUN T TRAINS EUROPE